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Brace yourself, New season is coming


2017 is here!

After good results in 2016 ( first play for the academy in koprulu, 1/4 final for the first line up in alpha league) the team will continue his way in online team leagues, starting this week with Koprulu League.

The first line up will face Nuit blanche and the academy vs Star Factory

In February, Number will be in the new season of Alpha League and RSTL (Russian Star Team League)

The main goal, for the team this year, is to be present at off line events.

A new ladder season will start soon with a brend new maps.

Abyssal Reef:

A big 2 spots map, One thing is sure with all this choke and expand, it favor macro game

Paladino Terminal:

It’s in many way the opposite of abyssal reef, small map, with huge spaces on the expands to favor all kind of all in

Proxyma station:

Here it is the weird map whose blizzard have the secret, rocks everywhere ! One thing is sure, tanks and libérator will be the kings on it.


A four spots map with a free expand, It favor macro games in Cross position but in the other spot more agressive play can be possible.



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