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Koprulu league : Line up with Cpl


First, i wanted to say a few thing about the Koprulu league. They open a league on Overwatch, wich is now open to inscription, will start the first October the 10. If you want to register into it, just go on that link :  and send us your condidature !

You may know it, but the Koprulu League’s admin are also the admin of the team Cpl. I’m now also an admin of the Koprulu league Overwatch, and last time i talk to Doublon, the leader of the league, we had an idea. We both have a team on Overwatch, but we also both don’t have a line up of 6 predefinite players. So we decided to create a line up to play the Koprulu league. Actually in this line up, we got Doublon and Yberamos from the team Cpl ; Sonor and Jemios from the team Chronos Number. We need only 2 more players, and our line up will be ready to play in the Koprulu league. Good luck to you and thanks for joining us !

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