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Overwatch War Leagues


Unfortunately, the first season of Overwatch ranked is nearly over. Blizzard decided to wait until September the 6th to start the second season. But don’t worry ! The Chronos Number team will open a website wich will organise a war league ranked system !

– All the teams wich want to play this will have to pay a 15€ inscription, that will be add to a cash prize pool, wich will be display on the website’s home.

– A pool system will be create by our website. The number of pool will be in connection with the number of teams listed. Every team will face all the other teams of its pool, in a sequence of PlayDay. A PlayDay is a week, and during this week each team will have a match against an other team. Every PlayDay has it’s own map, and all the match during that PlayDay will be on that map. The pool’s match are on BO1. Each point scored by each team will be add to the team’s total points.  All those matches will be streamed and recorded, on ours official Twitch and YouTube.

– At the end of the pool phase ( when each time have faced each team ), the best teams on points scored will be selected and will participate to the final phase of that war league : the PlayOff. All the others teams will be out until the next season.

– The PlayOff phase is a three format. The teams wich are facing eachothers in a match will choose a map by using the veto system. All the matches will be played on BO3 format, wich mean that the winner is the first who win two maps. The looser will be out until the next season. The grand final will be play in BO5 format, and the winner will earn 65% of all the cash the other teams have payed before. The second will earn 15% of it, and the team Chronos Number will keep 20% of it for our future project, like tournament with cash prize, upgrades on our website …

Thanks for all the team wich will be in that project, and good luck for that season 1 of the Chronos Number War League 🙂

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