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This Week on Chronos Number #4


We did well last week, with a good beginning in Alpha league, both line up won his match, and a convincing victory in psyleague. The only cloud on the horizon was the defeat on Koprulu League, but we saw beatiful games against Crepuscule. The goal this week is to keep this good way with this several objectives:

  • Psyleague: Get access to the first division
  • Alpha League: Reach the playoffs
  • Koprulu League: Be on the podium

And this is what we got this week:

  • Alpha League, the academy will start first this week against New World Generation, the first line up will face Galacic Gaming
  • Psyleague against Mind Gaming
  • Koprulu League, it will be the last match for the first line up against Angel wings, the academy will face Daerie

Let’s get ready to rumble!

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